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Hitachi Sales Thailand


Made in Japan
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BD-S5500 (10.5/7.0 kg.)

Key Highlights

Imported from Japan

Steam Iron Dry with speed up to 300 km/hr.

Wind Iron Dry with speed up to 300 km/hr

Auto Self Clean

Hot Wash program helps to eliminate one of the main causes of odor and saves energy

Dual Hydraulic Suspensionjust like the system used in automobiles, support the drum and flexibly change the degree of damping to match the amplitude of vibrations to dramatically reduce them.

Advanced DD (Direct Drive) Inverter operation enables a further reduction in noise and energy consumption.

High speed spinning round per minute (1,600 rpm)

3D Sensor Control Wash detects the fabric type and wash load, and control drum rotation speed to maximize the beat washing effect.

Nano Micell Shower transforms detergent into highly concentrated detergent which acts more effctively on dirt and stains

Super Nano Tianium Filter deodorises and sterilises by eliminating bacteria.

Big Drum Washer & Dryer with 610 mm-diameter tub and a massive capacity of 82 litres.

27 Automatic washing programs

Dimension (WxDxH) : 630 x 715 x 1,050 mm.

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